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The biological father of my foundling ancestor?

I think I have found the biological father of my grandfather, Dwight Willard, who was abandoned as a newborn at a charitable orphanage organization in San Francisco in 1920. The man I believe to be my Great Grandfather is William Norsworthy Gordon, son of Robert Edward Gordon and Emma Norsworthy.  He was born in Texas which is where all of his siblings and ancestors remained, but uncanny circumstances brought him to California when he was a young boy. Continue reading The biological father of my foundling ancestor?

A Y-DNA Revelation


My Mother’s brother took the Family Tree Y-DNA test so we could find clues on the paternal family of my adopted grandfather, Dwight Willard.  He has been the largest brick wall in my family tree since absolutely nothing is known of his biological parents.  The y chromosome is passed from father to son practically unchanged, so I thought the Y-DNA test would be the best chance for me to find my grandfather’s biological surname, and may even connect me to direct family members. Since only men have the y chromosome, I was unable to take the test myself, but am so fortunate that my mother has a brother, and that he was willing to take the test. Continue reading A Y-DNA Revelation

2016 Genealogy Resolutions

Picture from Shutterstock.com
Picture from Shutterstock.com

I am a life long fan New Year’s resolutions and think it is important to take the time to really ponder what you want from the year, as well as what you have accomplished. The past 5 to 10 years I have restricted my resolutions to one per year. These  have  been  mostly self-improvement related; listening more attentively to my talkative child, being honest with myself (tough one), being true to myself (very tough one), not use any paper towels for a year (yep, I did that), and write one letter of gratitude a month to someone that I did not personally know).  I was able to commit to these goals most of the time , but the addition of marriage and a larger family have challenged my commitment the past couple of years. Continue reading 2016 Genealogy Resolutions

Mirror Mirror on the Tree

Photo from Sutterstock.com
Photo from Shutterstock.com

I have recently joined a great Facebook Group called DNA Detectives that I believe was started by Cece Moore one of the genealogists on Genealogy Roadshow. It is a group dedicated for those using DNA to locate biological family of adoptees.  Besides being inspired from all of the posts from those that have connected with lost family members,  I have gotten a lot of great ideas for new research strategies for finding my grandfather’s biological family. Continue reading Mirror Mirror on the Tree

The Genetic World is Small

 From shutterstock.com
From shutterstock.com

Do you ever have those synchronistic moments when you know that you just experienced something prolific or are about to?  When an ordinary experience catches you off guard with its extraordinariness?  I was fortunate to have one of these special moments last week in the break room at work. I work in the same building with another genealogist enthusiast.   Occasionally we bump into each other in the shared kitchen, and share a brief summary of the genealogy discoveries that we have had since our last encounter.  Well, this week our updates took a very interesting turn when we realized that we possible shared a genetic cousin. Continue reading The Genetic World is Small