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I have always been fascinated by history. In my mind, the past is as much alive as the present. I believe that in order to truly understand yourself, you must understand where you came from. We all carry within us a patchwork quilt crafted by the threads of our ancestors. This interest in history was the impetus that led me to discover my own family’s history, thus beginning my love for genealogy.

I also love to write. Putting words onto paper (or computer screen as it may be) is therapeutic for me. Words are important.  In my former life, I wrote for a small, local newspaper. I loved it. These days, I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom to my three beautiful daughters, and a wife to my wonderful husband. I also homeschool my girls, which is a daily adventure! My afternoons are spent as chauffer to my daughters’ dance classes. In my spare time, I recently had my first novel published, entitled Investigating the Heart. I am currently at work on my second book.  I’m an enthusiast of all things Celtic, a history buff, and love to learn about cultural traditions. I am learning to speak Welsh, which is an adventure all its’ own!

I love to help people learn about the traditions and customs of their own ancestors, and how to incorporate these unique traditions into their own families.

“Gorau adnabod, d’adnabod dy hun” (Welsh) The best knowledge is to know yourself.




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  1. Heidi is a wonderful writer and a beautiful person. She exudes joy! I am an Aunt by marriage but also consider her a great friend as well. Enjoy her stories! I do!

  2. This is a wonderful project and I am sure it will be a enjoyable adventure. Wishing you both the best. Terry

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