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There is something therapeutic about discovering ancestors. Learning about their history helps us understand how we have come into existence, and brings us closer to understanding our true selves. Questions like, “Why are we here?” ,”What is the meaning of life?”, “Do we have a purpose?” have been asked, probably, since the beginning of human existence. I do not know if genealogy can answer these questions, but I think  that my drive to discover my roots comes from the same origin that these questions come from.

Discovering my ancestors and learning about the realities that they lived through helps me feel more connected. Connected to my family, connected to time, connected to myself, connected to life.   I want to connect with people that share a similar interest in genealogy, and see if we can help solve life’s mysteries together.

I received my Bachelors and Master Degrees in Meteorology from the University of Hawaii (Go Warriors), and currently work as a forecaster with the federal government. I am lucky that the research and analytical skills that I use for my career are similar to the skills I use for my hobby. They even rhyme (Meteorology and genealogy) and are difficult words to spell correctly.

Through work, I get to share the results of my research, theories and discoveries with my colleagues as well as with the public. Opportunities to share my genealogy discoveries is more limited, and I am glad to now have a platform to do so. This blog  provides me a creative outlet as well as combines my passion of genealogy with my desire to connect.

Treena Jensen (2014)
Treena Jensen (2014)

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4 thoughts on “About Treena

  1. Hi Cindy, I wish that was an Ancestry.com feature, but I do that my self. I usually print out the tree and hand shade them myself, but for the sake of the blog post I took a screen capture of the tree, and shaded the boxes in photo shop. It really does help me to see the matches more clearly. I have been working on mirror trees for 4th cousins (mainly to see if I can), and it is much harder because often people are related on several branches of the tree when you go that far out, and the pattern of matches is not clear.

  2. Hi Liz, I understand not wanting to break the link with your tree, and love your idea! If you do this, please share how it goes. I have multiple family members test, and selfishly keep my DNA lined to my main tree and use their DNA for the mirror trees.

  3. How do you shade the individuals in ancestry.com trees when you are marking them? I noticed on the mirror trees that you’ve given them a different background and it’s easy to see the connection.

  4. Treena- I appreciate your clear instructions for creating a mirror tree. I want to try it, but don’t want to unlink my “real” family tree from my DNA. What do you think about my submitting a separate DNA sample to Ancestry that I can use to link with various mirror trees I create?

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