Mirror Trees Really Do Work

I gave compelling evidence in The Biological Father of my Foundling Ancestor that William Norsworthy Gordon is my great grandfather.  A living direct descendant of  William N. Gordon agreed to take a DNA test, and the results have arrived. The descendant is a granddaughter of William Norsworthy, and if my theory is correct, her father would be my grandfather’s half-brother.  Her DNA matched 306 centiMorgans (cM) and 22 segments with my mother. According to Blaine Bettinger’s shared cM relationship chart (see below), this DNA match fits in the 1st to 2nd cousin range. This is the range that I expected, and proves that I really have found my biological great- grandfather, and that  mirror trees really do work.

Blaine Bettinger's Shared cM DNA Relationship Chart
Blaine Bettinger’s Shared cM DNA Relationship Chart

This is great news, and has made all of the hard work of the mirror tree worth it!  My family had always thought that we would never find out who my grandfather’s parents were, but I have solved half of the mystery.  I could not have done it without the use of DNA.  I am so grateful for all of the technological and scientific advancements genetic science has made over the last 20 years, and  that genetic genealogy has become affordable. Identifying my great grandfather has filled in a whole branch on my family tree (see image below), which would have been impossible without DNA.

4th generation Pedigree chart for Treena Jensen before her great grandfather was identified.
My 4th generation pedigree chart before my great grandfather was added to it.

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  1. Wow Treena! You are a talented writer. What a way with words! As a fellow writer, I’m proud of you. You go girl.

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