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“Roots” by Heidi Renee Mason

Deeply embedded

Inside the earth,

Twisting, turning

In every direction;

The source,

The beginning,

The origin of all;

Firmly established,

Gripping tightly,


Securing our existence;

A network of viability,

Our roots


The genesis of life.

What Have I Been Up To?

Investigating the Heart 1


Those of you who follow our blog here at Resurrecting Roots have no doubt noticed that it has been quite some time since I have posted anything. While I have been on hiatus from genealogy, I have been quite busy with other endeavors!

In September, my debut novel, Investigating the Heart, was released by Solstice Publishing. I am so excited about beginning my journey as a fiction novelist, and am delighted to share this with you all. Investigating the Heart is women’s fiction/suspense, and has been receiving wonderful reviews. For all of you men out there, don’t let the category fool you. I have had numerous male readers enjoy the book, even though it is classified as women’s fiction. There is plenty of suspense to hold your attention!

Investigating the Heart is available on,,, and You can also find information on my website, I hope you will all head over and purchase my book. I am currently working on the sequel.

Things have been pretty hectic with book signings, media appearances, and working to complete book number two. I hope to pick up my genealogy research again soon, but in the meantime, I am certainly enjoying the ride!


Written by Heidi

Evolution of the Milhoan Surname



In research, you will often find various spellings for the same last name. While this can make your research a challenge, it is not impossible to track the changes. I came upon this issue when tracking my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, Milhoan.

I have seen Milhoan spelled many different ways, including Milhorn, Melhorn, Mulholn, and even Mulholland. With the variety of spellings, some extremely different, it isn’t always easy to tell whether or not you are on the trail of the correct ancestor. Continue reading Evolution of the Milhoan Surname



Tomorrow night, people of Celtic ancestry across the world will be observing the Gaelic festival of Beltane. Celebrated on the last night of April, Beltane is a fire festival, welcoming the beginning of summer and open pasturing. Continue reading Beltane

Fun Facts…



Resurrecting Roots, a genealogy blog written by Treena and Heidi, has been going strong for the past four months, thanks to you, our loyal readers. We started this journey with a passion for sharing our genealogical research, and we have enjoyed it! Continue reading Fun Facts…

Welsh Genetics


People with Welsh heritage have always been proud of their roots. Even though it has been part of the United Kingdom for a long time, Wales has kept its own unique customs and traditions. It turns out that Wales is even different genetically. Continue reading Welsh Genetics

Richard III

14753720-gold-crown-with-red-gems-illustration (2)

On Thursday, March 26, 2015 the remains of King Richard III were reburied amid the pomp and circumstance deserving of a monarch. I have always been interested in Richard III and the mystery and scandal surrounding his reign. Although I have not found a direct family link to Richard III himself, I do have a connection to Elizabeth Rhuddlan, Princess of England of the Plantagenet line from which Richard III descended. Princess Elizabeth was my 18th great-grandmother, and was the daughter of Edward the Longshanks. Continue reading Richard III

Discovering Martyrs


When I asked my paternal grandmother where her side of the family originated, I was told we were German, Irish, and English. In my research, I found that she was mostly correct. However, I traced one branch of her family tree to an area that she was unaware of. I came across the names of “Hess” and “Meili” as I journeyed through the generations. Both of these family lines find their beginnings in Switzerland. Digging deeper, I discovered Hans Jacob Hess. Continue reading Discovering Martyrs

Clan Cameron



When I first began researching my husband’s family, he made the joke that I had better not dig too deep or I might find out we are related. I quipped back that we are all related if you go back far enough. I knew, though, that the chance of our families having intersected at any point in history was slim. I have traced both sides of my family extensively. They settled in the Midwest and remained there for several hundreds of years. My husband’s family is from Canada and the Pacific Northwest. I was fairly certain we would have no ancestors in common. Once again, genealogy surprised me. Continue reading Clan Cameron

St. Patrick’s Day


Having Irish ancestry on both my paternal and maternal sides, Irish customs and holidays are important to me. In the United States, Irish ancestry is common due to the vast migration of Irish citizens to America. This could be why St. Patrick’s Day is such a widely celebrated event, even though it is not an American holiday. I wonder how many St. Patrick’s Day revelers know the celebration’s origins, though, or know exactly why they are celebrating. Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day